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In an information age, your business needs ICT Services to prosper, and Vannia Technologies has all it takes to work on your business websites, software solutions and many more…

Information Systems

We build information management systems for organizations of all kinds and sizes.

Web Development

All businesses need websites… Let’s handle your next web design and development project!

Software Solutions

The ultimate solution to your organizational success can be aided with classic software built by us.

Digital Marketing

Sales and Marketing are at the top of your organizational goals. Let’s incorporate digital channels and achieve them BIG!

Consultancy Services

Corporate Services at its best! Business Registrations (CAC), Business Analysis, Project Management and many more…

Energy Solutions

We audit, design and deploy renewable sources for your organizational needs. Trust our resilience…


Vannia Inventory Management System (VINTOMS) is a stock management system for retail businesses.

The system is developed so as to help retailers manage and track records of their commodities in terms of supply, availability, sale and many more…


Vannia Integrated Personnel and Payroll Management System (VIPPMS) is a human resources management system that ensures efficient tracking of employee hiring, productivity, appraisals, compensation and many more…

Envisioning a brighter future

At Vannia Technologies we strive to make the world a better place through technology by providing innovative solutions to your pressing issues, thereby ensuring a brighter future for your cause!

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