KALANTO is a sports social media app for sports enthusiasts of all kinds to connect. It is a sports social network platform where sportsmen showcase their talents and get discovered. Our mission is to discover, connect and create opportunities for the next generation of athletes. We provide emerging sports talent with an avenue to broadcast their skills and be discovered. It is a project of Vannia Technologies LLC.

The sports social media app, Kalanto has developed a platform that connects all sports lovers. Sports enthusiasts can use the platform to explore profiles of upcoming and professional athletes, coaches, sports academies, facilities, and events. Sports talent managers can also use Kalanto to find the next sports superstar. With Kalanto, any athlete looking for a league can have their abilities evaluated and get recommendations on their next steps.

Kalanto is a platform that will help raise the profile of these athletes and take their careers to the next level. Not only will it give athletes, fans, and industry experts a chance to be themselves and showcase their talents, but it will also enable sports talent managers to start scouting for future professionals. Talent is not a rare thing, it’s a lonely thing.

Sports talent managers are always on the lookout for chances to sign talented new athletes. This is where Kalanto comes into play. What makes Kalanto unique, is that we are creating a game-changing marketplace for sports managers to discover and access the next generation of athletes.

Kalanto will be a great app for people to grow their profile in the sports game. It will give talented athletes a platform to get noticed by bigger teams. It will also be a great way for fans to get to know the personalities in the game in a new way – to hear from the players themselves, to see their moments of triumph and defeat, and to share their insights.